A soothing tool for gentle personal care.

Private listening at bedtime without headphones.

Ideal to fall asleep faster, naturally.

Mask tinnitus, Manage pain.

Perfect tool for therapeutic sound tracks, learn while you sleep, and much more.

Recommended by health care professionals as an alternative tool for
relaxation, sooth tension, relieve stress, and other therapeutic applications.

Helpful for cancer patients, Alzheimer's, autism, ADD and more.

Great comforting tool for all ages.

Use at home, dorm, hospital, hospice.

Use under your favorite pillow or inside pillow case.

    Best-selling Pillow Speakers Since 2001.
More positive reviews than any other pillow speaker.


Experience the comfort of private listening without headphones!

Private listening in total comfort at bedtime sometimes is not easy - particularly if you share your bedroom with someone else.  And headphones are not always the best alternative. Pillowsonic stereo pillow speakers were designed to be enjoyed at bed time, to bring you private listening in total comfort without entangling ear buds or headphones.

Developed in 2001,
Pillowsonic has been the internet best-selling pillow speaker ever since, with tens of thousands sold and satisfied customers the world over.


Pillowsonic is a flat-designed, stereo, acoustically enhanced set of micro speakers housed in a soft, durable, lab-quality, acoustic foam material, measuring 4"x12"x7/8", that placed under the user's pillow, allows private listening, while in bed, without the need for headsets or ear buds.

Pillowsonic connects with a 3.5mm standard jack to all popular sound sources (digital players, smart phones, radio, TV, alarm-clocks, etc.), delivering crystal clear sound that emerges throughout your pillow at gentle, safe volume levels, caressing your senses with sounds of your choice (music, audio books, specific therapy programming, learning aid recorded materials, radio talk shows or podcasts, etc.), not isolating the user from other critical ambient sounds (alarms, bell or telephone ringing, a call for help from another room, etc.). Volume can be regulated, so that only the user can hear the sound, without disturbing a mate or spouse resting at your side on in the same room.

Pillowsonic�s design allows speakers to remain always in place, so that while resting on your back,  a full stereo effect can be experienced � and with sound emerging softly from the surface of the pillow, it allows the user to toss and turn without missing a beat.

Pillowsonic�s new foam housing texture will not slide under your pillow � AND speakers can be removed, so that the foam housing can be washed/sterilized as/if needed, for total hygiene. A back pocket can accommodate the audio cable extension and a digital player, so there are no wires anywhere. Just slide the assembly under your pillow and enjoy!  

No batteries or power source needed. Just plug to your sound source and play. 


Pillow Speakers
are often recommended by health care professionals for stress reduction, to fall asleep faster, naturally, without medications; to mask tinnitus, for pain management, subliminal learning, and other therapeutic applications.

pillow speakers have proven effective in the treatment of individuals with Alzheimer�s disease, autism, brain injury, and other conditions needing audio sensory stimuli.

Great for audible books, bible, music for relaxation.   Ideal for all ages!


New Pillowsonic FM15                                                                                           Pillowsonic FM15 Back View                Player NOT included


Acoustically Enhanced, Digital, Stereo Micro-Speaker Set
housed in a specially designed durable, laboratory-quality foam cover, 4" x 12" x 7/8" in size,

with a 12-inch Audio Cable with standard 3.5mm mini jack, and

a 6-foot Extension Audio Cable with In-line Volume Control and standard 3.5mm mini jack


1-YEAR WARRANTY   (Player not included)


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